Conference Rotation

Conference Rotation

BOMA Southwest Region Conference Rotation Policy and Procedure

The purpose of the conference rotation is to ensure the required annual conference has a home each year. Additionally, it is desired that each local association receive proper exposure as a city and as a local BOMA Association. These guidelines are designed to guide the region as it successfully operates each year. It is intended that both the region and the local association understand the financial risks, as well as the benefits from hosting and/or organizing a conference.

  • The conference rotation is set up to utilize every local association in the Southwest Region of BOMA International. The cities are arranged, as best could be, in a larger market than smaller market sequence. It is conceivable that a particular association may not be able to host in the assigned year. Therefore, swapping a year with another local is permissible as long as the year hosted does not move forward or backward more than 2 calendar years.
  • If a local association is added to, or removed from the region, then the schedule should be adjusted as needed.
  • As was demonstrated in the 2008 Conference held in New Orleans, the region can successfully assist a local association in organizing the conference if help is needed and requested.
    If a local association requests help then these parameters will be in effect:
  • The local association must commit to effective local representation on the organizing committee. Additionally, local volunteers must invest productive working hours in the coordinating of the events and then execution of the conference. The regional president should seek/appoint co-chairs.
  • Financial burden and possible reward of hosting the conference must be established at the beginning of organization of a particular conference. This must be established between 24 and 18 months prior to the next conference in the rotation.
  • The local association can assume full financial responsibility for the conference, and will then reap/bear any profits or losses for the conference.
  • If the local association does not want to, or is not able to bear the financial burden, then the region should assume the burden. If this is the case, then the region will reap/bear any profit or loss from the conference. If the region assumes financial burden, the local association will still be required to provide local volunteers and working hours to serve as a liaison for coordinating details and events within the conference.
  • The local association can partner with region and split any profits/losses 50%/50% or as mutually agreed.
  • All arrangements should be documented by the local president and regional president by establishing a written agreement with quantifiable boundaries to protect both parties.

Conference Rotation Schedule:

2022 Dallas
2023 Austin
2024 SW Region
2025 SW Region
2026 San Antonio
2027 Shreveport
2028 Tulsa
2029 Fort Worth
2030 Northwest Arkansas
2031 Oklahoma City
2032 Corpus Christi
2033 Little Rock
2034 OPEN
2035 OPEN
2036 Austin
2037 Dallas
2038 New Mexico
2039 San Antonio
2040 Shreveport
2041 Tulsa
2042 Fort Worth
2043 Northwest Arkansas
2044 Oklahoma City
2045 Corpus Christi
2046 Little Rock
2047 OPEN
2048 OPEN
2049 Austin
2050 Dallas